Eternal youth la danza

Youth is the ultimate luxury – it is a fleeting moment of our lives and is granted to us without effort or exercise. 

Throughout the ages, we have striven to find ways to maintain the essential benefits of youth, and not least the effects of aging on the skin. La Danza provides a gentle and effective step in this direction. La Danza combines breakthrough discoveries in cosmetic dermatology and genetics in an elixir of technology and innovation.

This is one step closer to uncovering the solution for youthful and healthy skin. La Danza makes use of Golden Seaweed (Antileukine 6), a unique algae extract and the vital component of our newly developed anti-aging serums. By bringing the highest concentration of Golden Seaweed, La Danza significantly reduces DNA damage in order to achieve and the maximum anti-ageing benefits. A powerful blend of moisturizers and anti-oxidants, La Danza nourishes and replenishes your skin, protecting it from oxidative stress induced by our busy modern lifestyles.

Working in concert with the skin’s own metabolism, it helps restore loss of vitality and firmness, while smoothing any roughness and reducing wrinkles. Scientifically proven to boost cellular regeneration, Organic Lipactive Inca Inchi® reduces inflammation and heals irritations of the skin, restoring sheen and elasticity. Hydrasalinol, a natural ingredient extracted from the Salicomia plant found on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, reinforces the skin’s natural resistance to the elements.